Monday, January 30, 2017


This week’s portrait is Laureen M.

It's funny how life and friendships evolve. I met Laureen as a result of someone else, who is now long gone out of my life. There's some sadness there but I strongly believe people do come in and out of your life for a reason. So even though that other person is gone I did learn a lot from them.

With Laureen I think I am still learning and growing, and what makes this even more exciting is that we don't even live in the same country. She's over nine thousand miles away in Africa.

Over the years there have been moments when the song “Sunflowers” by Everclear would be playing and she came to mind. Don't know why, but this time around I thought it'd be interesting to do a portrait of her using colors of a Sunflower. The end result has a strange mysterious look to it which wasn't intentional.

Laureen is one of the few people I could imagine doing hundreds of studies and art pieces on,  Jennifer Fabos Patton is another. They have a chameleon like nature about them that’s unique, an ability to become different characters depending on how they’re dressed. The only other person I've seen this in to date was a guy named David Bowie.

Inspiration for my work continues to come from everywhere, even thousands of mile away!

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