Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Sketchy at Fred Segal

What do you get when you put together hot models, fashions, and artists all in the same room... Incredible art!

On Thursday March 18, 2010. The originator of Dr. Sketchy, artist Molly Crabapple premiered a line of t-shirts she created. It took place at a store called Fred Segal in west hollywood. The Dr. Sketchy LA group was there too. They were invited to capture the evening event in drawings. There had to be at least 50 or more artists roaming throughout the store drawing any one of six models posing in Molly's fashions.

Because the room was in constant motion and no pose was held for very long, I felt like a reporter capturing moments at the event with my crayola pencils instead of a camera. The drawings were fast and many.

I had an incredible time at the event and I think produced some fun artworks. I also got to meet Molly!

Dr. Sketchy LA is great. If you live in the Los Angeles area it's worth attending at least once even if you're not an artist.

The above sounds like a freakin' advertisement. But I did have a great time.

As for the rest of my days...

I am trying to hang on to sanity as best as I can. A lot of those weird feelings that occurred during the move out here to LA are starting to creep in again minus the anger. I don't really feel mad at anything or anyone but more frustrated at my current situation. And what's worst is that I feel there is a solution right in front of me but for some reason I just can't grasp it.

But I guess this is where faith comes in. Cause I have faith that within a year's time, everything will have worked itself out, and I will be doing what I need to make me happy.