Tuesday, July 3, 2018


So I was looking for the second season to this great television show on Netflix, “The Toys That Made Us.” Incredible series, if you haven’t seen it yet, drop everything and turn it on or get Netflix and watch it! If toys were a part of your childhood, you’re going to LOVE this program.

Anyway, while going through the movie queue, this other show caught my attention, “Making Fun: The Story of Funko.” Through my bobblehead collection, I have a lot of Funko products, many of which are on display, especially the Betty Boop bobbleheads. I didn’t know anything else about the company. So I decided to watch this. It was the best hour and half of TV yet. I would dare to say maybe even more interesting then the 8 episodes of “The Toys That Made Us.”

The Funko show is a history of the company. And I found myself drawn in and connecting to it in an amazing way: like I knew these people and where they were coming from. For example, they talked about this amazing store in Universal City Walk, here in Los Angeles called “Sparky’s” and how their business started there. Funny story, I love Sparky’s so much that I took the paper bag from one of my purchases there back in 2009 when I arrived in L.A., scan it and made a giant poster of the logo and hung it in my living room. A lot of people wondered where they could get a copy of it.

After watching the show, I felt inspired, happy, and started looking around my place at all my Funko POP! toys. My collection is nothing like some of the featured collections in the show, but it’s safe to say wherever you turn in my place there’s a POP! on display to greet you. The thought that crossed my mind was I needed some Stargate SG1 POPS! But there aren’t any in production yet! I don’t know why, I went online and found a couple of fan renditions - nothing more.  

"Why isn’t there more Funko POP fan art on the internet?"

After a few more searches, what I found was pretty straight forward art; some were beautiful works, but nothing on the highly creative side. So I thought I would start to change that by creating artwork of some existing POPS! and creating designs for new ones I wished existed, especially Stargate SG1!

With Comic-Con San Diego around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to start posting these. I hope you all enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed making the drawings.
Forgive the watermarks on all the images. These are original works of art and I want to make sure they don’t end up being credited or sold to anyone without my permission.

… And bottom line America, MGM, and Funko should get together and make a line of Stargate SG1 POPS!