Monday, February 6, 2017


This week’s portrait, Tamron Hall!
Last weekend I had an amazing time at the Ontario Anime Los Angeles convention. The drawing events I hosted on Saturday and Sunday had great turn out on both mornings.

Another convention that I am excited about is coming up in a couple of weeks, Long Beach Comic Expo! This will be the 7th time hosting life drawing in Long Beach. This convention is so much fun, a lot of great people involved. I am really honored that they have welcomed me back so many times and that the attendees that come, are enjoying it and have a lot of positive things to say. In case you’re wondering, this coming event’s theme will be, “Harry Potter”. And this time around I will be providing images to color if you don’t feel up to drawing the models. So come draw… And color too!

Also at the long beach convention I will once again do a special hour with the Girls Scouts, helping several troops earn their drawing badge!

And thanks to Gina and Rob Nelson, “Themed Costumed Life Drawing” is back as well at Nelson Creative Spaces in the valley!

A lot of life drawing to host in the next few weeks, but I love doing them all. Drawing brings a balance into my life, it centers me, it is almost like meditation.

When I draw I like to have some kind of background noise, whether it’s music or the television. It was a few years ago when I had the tv on in the background that I heard and saw Tamron Hall for the first time. Her voice always carried a certain tone of fun in it, it made me want to stop and listen to what she was talking about. It didn’t hurt that she is beautiful too.

I think NBC agreed with me because Tamron was on just about every show the network had. NBC News, MSNBC, MSNBC Live, Today’s Take, appearances on the Today Show, investigative programs, the list goes on.

So it was a huge surprise to hear last week that NBC decided to let Tamron go and replace her with Megyn Kelly, a former Fox news conservative reporter.

Tamron seemed like she was a huge part of the NBC family and really enjoyed what she was doing, she never felt scripted. She was someone I could relate to given how I approached my art and the many projects I get involved with.

She was a work of art in terms of on air personalities, and she made it all seem fun. Myself, I don't know if I’d consider myself a work of art, yet, but I do hope people can see, and experience with me, the fun I am having when I create my art.

I hope I'll see her back in some form of media!

ps: in case one or two of you are saying, “What, that doesn't look like her, the hair is different!” Look her up, you'll see that I drew her with her natural hair. Her daily hair is part of the network script.

I rarely follow scripts with my art.

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