Monday, February 13, 2017


This week’s portrait, Ashli Griffin!
Ashli is an art model I started drawing last year. I wish I had known her a few years earlier, I would have loved to had included her in my book. She’s very dynamic and a pleasure to work with.

I think it's no secret that a few of these portraits were done in advance so I would be able to continue posting on Mondays. This portrait of Ashli was done a few months back. It's interesting for me to see how much my work has evolved. The circles in this image are bold and spread out. The colors are very simple.

The skin tone was tone with a metallic copper pen color since at the time I couldn't find good brown ink pens to use. I think someone should make a line of pens with at least 72 or more colors, many of which should be browns and earth tones.

This coming weekend is the Long Beach Comic Expo! Long Beach conventions are so much fun. I get to see a lot of art friends in one place and of course putting on the drawing event with two of my favorite model, Jennifer Fabos Patton and Amina Santana! I will also be hosting life drawing for the Girl Scouts at the convention! “Bringing life drawing to the masses, one event at a time!”

I might do some portraits at the convention again as well but using colored pencils, no inks. Also, the drawings will be done on paper especially designed for use at the Long Beach convention. I think people will love what am planning!

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