Monday, December 26, 2016


This week's portrait is Laraine Frid.

I started working on this back in August. The size of these portraits are usually eight and a half, square, which is what you are seeing here. There was an art show at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles which I wanted to include it in, but on a larger scale, so I re did it, thirty inches square and I added embedded diamonds, which when they catch the light, give off colorful reflections. I called the piece, “Laraine As A Meme With Diamonds”.

Because of the scale, I used Montana and Molotow acrylic paint markers, despite the color range between the two brands, I ended up mixing my own purple in order to get that reddish tint.

Working on this piece was a pleasure. In my mind, Laraine is extended family.

Lou Reed did a song about someone named Laraine.

“Then we spoke of the movies and verse
And the way an actress held her purse
And the way life at times can get worse,
Then we spoke of Laraine, always back to Lorraine
Ah, she's a wild child, and nobody can get at her
She's a wild child, oh, and nobody can get to her.”
-Wild Child - Lou Reed

I guess a majority of people might know a really great person named, Laraine, worthy of being immortalized in a song or a work of art.

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