Saturday, December 10, 2016


This week's portrait is of Lou Reed.
I've been a fan of his music since my college days. I discovered “Transformer” on cassette while waiting in the NYU music library for someone who was very important to me at the time, she was a music student. So his music in general has a positive and great association in my life.

The last album of his that I bought was “New York”, a very raw look at the city at the time. I wish he was still alive today, I'd love to hear his take on current affairs.

In this illustration I wanted to capture the iconic look of the Transformer album cover but with an older Lou Reed. I probably could have added a few more lines in his face.

I want to end this entry with a quote from one of his songs;

“Avenge yourself he says to me
Avenge yourself for humanity
Avenge yourself for the weak and the poor
Stick it to these guys right through their heads
Well, the fight is my music, the stick is my sword
And you know that I love you, so please don't say a word
Can't you hear the music playing, the anthem, it's my call
And the last I seen of George was him running through the door…”

Words from: “My Friend George”, Lou Reed, 1984

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