Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This week’s portrait, Adam West aka Batman!

Nelson Riddle, The Markettes, The Ventures, R.E.M., The Kinks, The Who, what do they all have in common, they all recorded versions of the 1960s Batman theme song.

I think we can all agree, Adam West’s Batman hands down was the greatest TV character since Kirk and Spock from Star Trek. I grew up watching the series in syndication. I remembered planning my day around the time when I knew it was going to be on. Adam West was a cool character, he always had this look of trying to be serious but there was that constant smirking smile letting you feel like you were in on a joke, and of course, who couldn't wait to hear Robin’s, “Holy (fill in the blank) cry for that week.

If you’ve ever watched the show (If you haven’t, lower your head in shame) then you must have tried doing the Batusi at least once. I think it was introduced in the very first episode. Everything about that show was cool and hip. Adam West was the perfect actor for the role, I can't imagine anyone else doing it. But then again knowing the lack of creativity in TV, am sure there are a couple of executive TV clowns some where trying to reboot it, thinking they can do better. 

I started this portrait a few weeks back when I heard about Adam’s death. Wasn’t sure if this was going to be a portrait of Adam West or of him as Batman. Somewhere in my mind the idea came of doing both but I didn’t want to do 2 drawings. After a day of thinking, the idea of combining the two came to mind. I was prepared to re do this one, since I felt it might not work out the way I envisioned it on the first try. But I did it, I made it work. The final art does a great job of bouncing the eye back and forth between the two images, if I say so myself, am really happy with the outcome of this piece.

In time people will likely forget about most of the current dramatic Batman movies that have come out in the last 30 years but they will always remember and very likely still be watching Adam West’s Batman!

Too bad there wasn't a way for someone to put a clause in place to block any future re make of the series. The Batman series is a classic, and there is no replacement for Adam West, he is Batman!

“DC Comics and TV execs, show some self controls, leave a great show alone!”*

*That’s a recliner moment!

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