Monday, March 6, 2017


This week’s portrait is, Flick!
It’s Monday! it’s early!

I am posting on time! I was worried I would be late again or worst miss posting today.

I am submitting a few pieces of art for an art show in a couple of weeks at Gallery 800 in North Hollywood. These are life drawings done on Tuesday night at the Art Directors Guild in Studio City. They are all pen and Ink and circles. Lots and lots of circles!

A couple of weeks ago was the Long Beach Comic Expo. I haven’t had a chance to post any of the pictures from the convention yet. A lot of interesting and cool things happened. I told you about the Girl Scouts, and the drawing event. I did get to see a lot of people I know. But I am horrible with remembering names.There are times when someone will say their name to me and we start talking and within seconds, I realize I’ve forgotten it. It especially kills me when it happens and it’s a girl I am trying to impress.

That said, there was one person who’s name I didn’t forget, but it wasn’t a girl… it was a guy, not your typical guy. His name was Flick and along with another person named, Hero, they are the celebrity stars of a You Tube channel called, "The Nerd Soapbox”.

I did an unplanned interview with Flick and it just got posted online. I think it’s one of the best interviews I’ve done, it made me laugh! I got to talk a lot about my art, which was fun especially given how excited I am about doing these circle pieces lately. And we relived some Recliner of Rage moments. Also at the end of the video you get to see me do a portrait of Flick at the convention. Here’s the link,

If the above link doesn’t work, just go to You Tube and type in “The Nerd Soapbox”. Or copy and paste the above URL in a new browser window. The video is at the top of their channel list.

If you have time, take a moment and check it out. Promise you’ll enjoy this!

Did I mention, Flick is a puppet?

I loved this video so much that I decided I’d make Flick my subject this week. Normally these piece take a couple of days to work on but I raced through this one Sunday afternoon starting around 5:30 and finishing at 10pm. My hand is killing me now, the typing seems to actually be helping a little, so this blog entry is a little wordy.

Thank you Flick and your production team for putting me right up there with the likes of Garrett Wang, Denise Crosby, and William Shatner and many other amazing actors and actresses you’ve interviewed over the years.

Ok, now it’s time for me to turn off for a while!

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