Monday, March 27, 2017


This week’s portrait, Tachikoma!
So this is the week the Ghost In The Shell live action movie comes out! We’ll get to see if Scarlett Johansson can actually play a Japanese female character better than a Japanese actress, watch the team of section 9 at work and most importantly we get to see the spider tanks or better known as the Tachikomas come to life!!!

So far they’ve kept them a secret, not revealing any pictures of them in any of the trailers which is ok I guess. Though they are the stars of the Ghost In The Shell series, and it would have been nice to tease us with an image, kind of like what Marvel did with the Vision, at the end of the trailer for the second Avengers movie.

I am absolutely fascinated with the Tachikomas. The design of the tanks are great, I would totally own one if they were available. The humanity these machine exhibit compared to all the other characters is interesting to watch. Their fascination with the world around them and trying to understand their own existence could be a movie on to its own. There was an episode where one when out on its own out of curiosity.

I am a bit surprise that so many fans have been so concern about Johansson being in the movie that they never once ask to see a glimpse of a Tachikoma.

This lack of pictures and talk of Tachikomas got me thinking, what would the series be like without them. Aside from Togusa, who is fully human, all the other characters seem to lack emotions to some degree.

So where are the Tachikomas?

We..., I, will see them this weekend right?

In doing this piece of art I decided to use the show colors but I did change the black animation line drawing to pink. I thought it gave the imagine a sense of urgency or action. The background green and black to tie it all together.

I bought the Ghost In The Shell Pop characters by Funko. There's a Major, a Batou and a robot Geisha. 

Where's the Tachikomas?

They better be in this movie...

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