Monday, March 13, 2017


This week’s portrait, Flora!
This Saturday I was working on one of my old school, Photoshop portraits. It was close to 11pm, after close to 7 hours of work, I was almost done. Hit save and a message came up that I saved already would I like to still save again and over write my current saved file. I hit yes and you can guess the rest.


The file f----in’ disappeared like it never existed! I ended staying up most of the morning redoing it and with the time change, I didn’t get much sleep, welcome to the end of my weekend.

I’ve been doing these pen and ink portraits now for a while so this type of issue doesn’t exist outside of the computer. Though I have to admit, I did panic for a moment when I couldn’t find the original art of Flora to scan.

I know Flora from the Art Directors Guild’s Tuesday drawing workshops. What a great person. She’s an animator, very low key, and thoughtful. Flora reminded me of someone very close to me, my mom. I know that could sound weird, it’s just that she has a very trustful personality.

Working on this portrait I wanted to try combining an animation line style with the circles.

I wish there was a way to count all these circles. Would it be crazy if sub consciously I’ve been placing the answers to all of mankind questions about our existence in the universe within the patterns of the circles without even knowing I’ve been doing so? The circles and patterns are not random after all. Maybe I’ll hire someone to do the counting.

Wonder if I’ve done a million yet and what does it mean?

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