Thursday, March 24, 2016


This week’s portrait is of Lisa Santiago-Read. 

It's just like me to start a project and suddenly start another one and then another one and before I know it, I have more projects going on then I can handle or should be doing in the evenings after work. Right now I really should be watching season 2 of Daredevil!

Back in January it seemed like an easy idea to do these portraits but in the few week that have passed I've manage to come up with some really cool ideas, all worth pursuing. That said, I am going to keep up with these portraits. By December there will be 52 unique images, I will make up the missed weeks somehow.

Fashion artist, Hajin Bae was the inspiration for the look of this piece. I discovered her work on Pinterest a while back. I was so taken by her artwork, I did a portrait of her using her style, she loved it.

I love colors, hot cold, primary, secondary, just lots and lots of colors. Coloring coloring books as a kid was huge with me. I still have several of my childhood coloring books. Crayola was the crayons of choice, still have one of my original set of 64 colors, which includes the politically wrong "flesh"  and "indian red" colors.

I think this also explains why my drawing style is very linear, like coloring book art.

Thank you Lisa for responding to the blog!
I needed to know if anyone one saw these writings. Now that I know you're reading these post, I'll keep them sane instead of writing about all the crazy things that live in my brain and come out when no one is looking or paying attention.

Now, off to the next project, sleep!

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  1. LOL nooo don't keep it sane! It's more fun the other way :) TY Pierre!!!!