Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This week’s portrait is of Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

 What if I told you the world is flat!

I decided to use my circles to define the entire face this time around. The colors I used are often colors I see in images of space. Lines were used sparingly, though if this was a bigger illustration like my dot images, I might had done even those lines using circles.

I've always been drawn to circles and dots. I have a feeling someday if we as a species live long enough and grow a little smarter, we might discover that the universe is contained within a ball, that looks like a circle, and it's one of a trillion circles floating in a much bigger ball, that's floating among trillions, in a much bigger ball and there no end to the number or scale of these circles.

Maybe... my art isn't totally my creation, but a code, a message implanted into my DNA by another species of humans billion of years ago, and my drive to create art is just me performing like a computer, putting the information on paper through pictures. Then someone with a scientific drive, will see my work and it will trigger something in their DNA, a thought, an idea, which then takes us to our next level of development.

Eratosthenes, Columbus and the many others who thought the world was round, very possibly were influenced or triggered by something they saw, art maybe?

Sounds like Sci-Fi?

If that is the case, I for one am thankful art existed in their time, unlike this moment in time where art is no longer encouraged and creative thinking is looked down upon.

I picked Neal as my subject because he got me curious about life. After watching and listening to him talk, it started making me think and look for bigger answers to our existence.

Recently I've been seeing articles with people expressing the opinions that the world is actually flat, that science had lied to us. Neal was actual challenged by one, a young rapper to prove otherwise. (This is one of those moments you want to ask, “How the FUCK is this individual making records and has a following?!”)

This along with the new levels of racism of all kinds and disregard of the planet makes me wonder if I might be right, art does play a part in our development as a species and the lack of it makes us dumb!

If I am remotely right about art and its connection to bigger ideas and none of this is fiction, I think we are in real trouble,  just look at the schools.

Thanks you Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and people like you for giving me the parts to assemble a key and hopefully open that door to bigger and better ideas.

I’ll keep putting my circles and dots on paper like Agent Phil Coulson of Shield. Who knows, maybe I am drawing the map to a newer and better world.

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