Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This week's portrait subject is Frederick Douglass.
I am surprise that no one has thought about doing a movie about him yet. Born a slave, secretly taught to read, escaped, married, became a speaker about the rough and horrible lives of slaves and published several books. All this took place between 1818 and 1895. He was also the first black person to be nominated for Vice President of the United States and when his first wife past away, he remarried to a white women.

His life story seemed to defy the norm of the time. If ever there is a story worth telling this is it.

February being Black History month, I thought he'd make a great subject for my art.

I think I am about to enter a new phase with my art. I just purchased a bunch of large drawing paper.

Two weekends from now is the Long Beach Comic Expo, where I will once again host a costumed life drawing event! They've been going well and the convention owner is pleased and open to the idea of continuing them as part of the convention experience, which is great.
If you have time, come by the convention and see what I am up to and of course draw with me!

Since starting these weekly portraits a few people have requested drawings done of them. That could be fun but I want to know if anyone is actually reading this blog every week or am I just typing to my future self. So I have an idea, the first 3 people to comment here on this blog will be the subject of a future portrait installment. This offer is off the table in 7 days (February 17th, 2016).

I think I know who I am going to draw next...

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  1. I tried to comment here last night, I was going to say how beautiful this portrait came out! I love it! I agree, this story would make a great movie, big screen or even a docu series on one of the big cable networks. Maybe one day right?