Thursday, February 4, 2016


What a way to role into February! I didn't think I'd get this week's image done.

This week's portrait subject is Rosario Dawson.

I've wanted to draw Rosario for some time but of course never did so. Once I decide it was going to be her, a lot of procrastination began throughout the weekend and into this week.

It's a real challenge trying to draw someone you're attracted to. And in this case I just couldn't see her features, I might as well had drawn a giant heart and called it a day. But I gave it my best and the first result on Sunday… well… here it is…

I knew it wasn't working and suddenly I realized this week might not happen! I tried redrawing her a few times again, even used watercolor, I texted one drawing to a couple of friends to see if I was on the right track. They were encouraging but I just wasn't feeling it.

Tuesday night changed my mind set. I went to the weekly drawing workshop at the Art Directors Guild, drew my favorite friend/ model, Jennifer Fabos Paton, and another friend of mine showed up with her purple/pink hair, got me excited and focus enough that I came home on a high and was able to really see Rosario!

And I tried a mix media approach, markers, acrylic and colored pencils. I think I pulled it off but I really think if she were to sit for me, I could get pass the attraction and really do another nice drawing of her.

So Rosario, if you happen to see this and think I should try again, contact me and let's plan a date… I mean a day for you to sit for me and I'll create a proper portrait of you!

In the meantime, the week is over and I haven't figured out who's next, pure drama!

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  1. I like how you posted the different stages as you went along. It's nice to see how you get from point A to the end! I can barely draw a stick figure lol :)