Friday, May 22, 2009

First Test Show

Today we did out first test show today.

It went well
I think. It felt like what we left in New York now in a new environment. I think fans will be very surprise and happy. I have to say the studio is incredible. I hope many of the fans will have the opportunity to come out someday and see it for themselves. It's nothing like the New York studio.

Afterwards we had dinner on the roof balcony. Imagine if you can mountains in the background the
sun starting to set. There's no way I could see myself going back to New York. The west coast will most likely be my final resting place someday. Not L.A. but somewhere further south.

Life is really good out here.

(so far)...


  1. Pierre! That's so wonderful! I hear San Diego is mighty nice. You might really like it there.

    I would love to come see your new studio. Well, new to you. Can't wait to see the show!

    I'm so glad everything's working out for you!

    <3, Trish

  2. Hi-

    I've always loved your work on the show, and today I googled you to see if you made the move with the other crew. I'm so glad to see you did. It sounds like it was a tough transition. I made move from Baltimore to San Francisco years ago and it was both hard & wonderful at the same time.

    I absolutely loved the show last night. I am really looking forward to seeing what crazy sketch is next. My vote is for the armchair of recliner of rage about Stargate Universe and the ninth cheveron. (Those bits were some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen on tv!)

    Keep up the great work! I've said for years that in my opinion you have the best job I could ever imagine. I hope the transition continues to go smoothly and you find your place in LA.

    Your fan,

  3. I'm glad you are so excited and upbeat! It's great to know you are loving the new/old