Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last night I ate at a vegetarian restaurant which turned out to be a nice surprise since I've never been there before. The place is called "Home On 8th". It's on 8th avenue near Penn station, a neighborhood peppered with bars and sexy lingerie/dvd stores.

It amazing how you can live in New York and still discover new and interesting places. Last Sunday was another perfect example. I was walking along 2nd avenue going towards St. Marks Place and came across this incredible Japanese toy store, Toy Tokyo. I thought I had died and went to Japanese anime toy heaven.

The store owner claimed they've been in business for over 10 years. How could I have not known about this place in all that time. There were many things worth buying in there but I had to show self control. Since anything I buy now would have to be included in my move. As it stands I will be paying a fortune to move and store the bulk of my toy collection since I will have to rent a small apartment in L.A. to start.

Only a month and a half left before change begin. In a couple of weeks I will head out to L.A. to lock down an apartment, then return to New York, start packing and move out hopefully by the end of March.

I can't help but wonder what the toys and comic shop will be like out there. When I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago with Late Night, after tapings, a friend of mine, Lizzy, took me to some amazing stores in that area. I ended up shipping a hugh box back to New York. Funny, now it's all heading back, out west.

I think this weekend I'll take some finally pictures of my place as it is for memory sake and then start boxing stuff.

As much as I want to do this move I can't help but wonder if this is the right move to make. Will I be happy out there. Will living out there be a positive experience. What new friends will come into my life. What old ones will move on.

One thing for sure, good or bad experiences, there will be new toys and comics stores to discover. least I hope there will be.


  1. I KNOW there will be lots of Toy stores and Comic stores for you to explore. I'm so happy for you! I'm contemplating big life changes myself. Good luck with the apartment hunting and safe travels back and forth. NJ will miss you though. :(

  2. Looks like you were having fun! know that big robot from the newer Lost in Space movie in your pics? We saw it at Megacon yesterday.

    It was packed...we went on a Saturday and I'm thinking a Sunday would have been better like last year. It was way less crowded last year and the lines were not so long for the popular guests.

    I don't watch it, but Trish's friend Jen is a fan of the new BSG and she wanted to get a pic with Tricia Helfer(sp?). So we all got in line as we didn't have anything we really wanted to do at that point and it ended up we all could be in the pic. Tricia Helfer seemed genuinely sweet and was really gracious to us. That's nice to see...especially when you are doling out money to talk to them. ;O)

    I'm sure you will find lots of new fun places to go in L.A. and new places to buy toys! *grins*

    Good luck on the move!


  3. You'll be moving to the city of Anime Expo, so I imagine that Los Angeles will be better on the Japanese pop culture fandom stuff side of things, though at the expense of moving away from the home of Marvel and DC.

    Coincidentally, my brother recently moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver. He works for a famous post-production company and also now does something involving DVD authoring for a major studio, and the place he works at is in Burbank pretty close to NBC, so I'll imagine he'll try to get in to see the Tonight Show occasionally. He lives in Diamond Bar, which, he likes to point out to me, is where the Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack that Hurley worked at in Lost was supposed to have been located.

  4. Hey Pierre!


    You'll always have a friend in this fangirl. It's the right move, going out to CA. You know why? Because that's the choice you made.

    I know it's the right one.

    Did you have fun with the Lost in Space Robot? :D