Friday, February 20, 2009

Oxford Comma

I don't know, maybe it is stress that's working it's way through my mind at the moment or it could be I am just getting sick of hearing people say I am not sure if am going.

What am I talking about. Los Angeles of course. I thought by now people would have dropped the silly answer when asked whether or not they are going to L.A. Only a limited number of people were lucky enough to be ask to go, and that alone should be a good reason to say with pride they are going. Not to mention the fact that jobs aren't exactly falling out of trees at the moment.

But lets not forget what they will be a part of. It's the Tonight Show. Aside from SNL, it's a television staple. The chance to work on such a show doesn't come often and may likely be a once in your life time event.

Why would this be a topic worth writing about. Well it's starting to drive me crazy each time people ask me do I know if such and such made up their mind to go yet.

Trust me, if they are walking around right now telling you they are not sure, they're not being truthful. Everyone knew way back in April of '08 if they wanted to to go or not. At this point the only way you wouldn't want to go is if you weren't ask to go. Period.

O'k, maybe that's a comma, since I know of a couple of people who were asked recently but knew well in advance, again since last year, that they didn't want to or couldn't go.

This is an adventure. A scary ass, what the fuck am I doing adventure. Get off the drama train and be happy that you're about to take part in television history.

Wow, I don't believe I just wrote that. So what's really bothering me?...



  1. Hey Pierre, fan of Late Night living in LA, can't wait for you all to move out here... I'm so proud of the show you all have been able to pull off over the years and can't wait to see what the future holds for the Tonight Show, I know it will be fantastic. I hope you enjoy the next few months off before the new gig starts up... tonight was hard to watch, because Late Night has been a huge inspiration of mine for as long as I can remember watching (I was 9 in '93)... anyway, I'm rambling. But wanted to say, so long for now, and see you soon. And don't forget the recliner of rage!!

  2. *HUGS*

    LOL...too bad you couldn't use that in a Recliner of Rage skit! I'm sure it would NOT be PC enough though! LOL

    I hope people have gotten off the fence. And, you are right...with it being a month away, they still don't know???? Seriously? I would think Conan and TPTB would have demanded a commitment by now. *rolls eyes*

    *said with lots of attitude*


  3. Awwww... Pierre! It's going to be all that more fun when you are all settled in.

    Transition sucks. Change can suck, too. But I know this change will be great for you.


  4. Bottom Line America: People need to stop being A'holes and appreciate things more!!

    Man I tell ya P, if I were to land a writing job and was asked to go I would be there in a heartbeat.
    I'm glad you're part of the package.
    Don't worry, the ones that are SUPPOSED to be there will be.