Friday, August 27, 2010

New Dot Artworks

I am so happy with myself. I recently finished 2 pieces of art, one of which I started back in May of this year (2010). The girl sitting on the stool is special to me since I created it from a sketch I had done at a Dr. Sketchy session a few months back.

I feel that a lot of the drawings I have been doing at these different locations could be turned into interesting finish artworks. I just have to stay on this and keep turning them out. Before the year is over I'd like to try and complete maybe 5 more images.

Also, earlier this week I went to the Late Night Drawing Salon, the theme was "Sexy Country Bumpkins" Jennifer and Mary were the models. Drawing these two attractive ladies was fun.

Now, I am just letting my hand rest for a couple of days. I drew so much that aside from hurting, it was swollen slightly, not good.

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