Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Great Sharpener

If you went to art school like me you probably had the drawing class in which you were taught to sharpen a pencil using a blade. With over 30 plus years of using this technique, I've gotten pretty good at it though occasionally the lead might break in which case I have to sharpen more.

Recently, someone at a drawing class introduced me to a pencil sharpener that I have found to be amazing! It's called Dahle. I think it's a German product. I've had it now about 3 weeks and I now spend a lot of my free time around my apartment looking for any pencil that needs sharpening.

This thing is great better than an electric sharpener. I've yet to sharpen anything that has broken during the sharpening process. It makes a perfect point every time. And looking at the filings I see more of the pencil casing that the lead core. That means less waste is happening.

It's the small things in life that bring such joy!

This week at my Tuesday drawing class I was on fire. We had two models and I felt like I was in the zone with my drawings that evening. I don't know, maybe the perfectly sharpened pencils had something to do with it. I thought they turned out really well, worth showing here.

It's a good thing I have these drawing groups/ classes to go to. They're what keeping me sane out here.

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  1. Nice drawings, Pierre! Plus, you reminded me that I need a new pencil sharpener. Seriously.