Friday, January 22, 2010


I know this is late but Happy New Year to all.

As many of you are probably aware, Conan is about to do his last Tonight Show tomorrow, Friday January 22, 2010. What a way to start the year. Spent a lot of money and went through all sort of stress and health issues with relocating to LA and seven months later to be told it's over!

To say all around work people are depress is putting it mildly. Working with Conan for 17+ years has been incredible. It's the reason so many of us committed to coming out here to continue with him. We gave up a lot financially and emotionally getting here. And in the end life takes a bite out of us.

But you know what, maybe I'm crazy or it just hasn't really sinked in. I am worried but I don't feel any depression or end of my life emotions yet. While all this drama was taking place here in LA. An even bigger drama was taking place in another part of the world and it has effected my family directly.

You see while I was in my office and then in my apartment wondering about my future, I have family members being force to sleep out doors because their homes became unsafe to live in due to an act of nature, God, or just bad luck, an earth quake shook their land. Last I heard we made out great compared to other families. Only one family member died... So far.

Life is funky that way. I have fate in Conan and I believe he will do everything in his power to get back on the air and get us all working again in a few months. In the mean time I have an apartment, in which I have the heat on right now cause it's really cold outside. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of relatives sleeping in the cold out doors that I can't directly help cause there isn't a system in place yet to allow me or anyone to do so.

Tons of money is being collected by everyone, everywhere to help Haiti. In the end if they see 10% of all these millions raised, I think they will be lucky. It's too bad Conan isn't running things. Like he's doing for us staff members, I would have more fate that the moines would actually reach the people who need it.

As for me, if my biggest problem at the moment is worrying about my next pay check, things aren't so bad yet... I think.



  1. I'm sorry for your loss Pierre.:( Even though we have troubles now, it's nothing compared to what's going on down in Haiti. As for the show, I agree with you; moving out to LA and then being told to pack it up not even a year later is rough. The show ending hasn't hit me yet...I'm sure it will soon though. Tonight was amazing, can't wait to see you all back on the air soon!

    Take care!

  2. If Conan was to move to a different station would he be able to take all of his staff with him or do you have contracts or someting with NBC? I hope for the former.

  3. Hey Pierre -

    From one designer to another - hang in there.
    Enjoyed your skits on the show immensely. You are part of the Conan legend and will be a part of many happy memories to millions of Conan fans.

    Best wishes to you and to your family.


  4. Hi, Pierre!

    Just a short note to let you know I'm thinking about you, and hoping that you (and your extended family in Haiti) are okay.

    I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed for Conan and his staff (especially you), for many OPEN DOORS in the future, and that we'll see you back on TV soon.

    Meanwhile, you moved out here to California just in time to experience one of our wettest winters in more than a decade. Lucky you!

    Take care, Pierre.