Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Pretty Girl Squeezed My Butt Cheek!

So just when I started seeing the dark side of the world suddenly I had a week like the one that just past. First off, I really have to thank Howard Shum. Not only is he a great artist but a great person as well. His friendship during this adjustment to moving to Los Angeles has been extremely appreciated.

Thanks to him, I was introduced to the Drink and Draw group out here. An incredible group of artists and non artists all sharing one common thing, creativity. Since I started attending their gatherings, a fire was lit in me, a drive thats been sleeping for the last few years.

After not doing any dot artw
orks for over 8 years, this past weekend I did a portrait. I actually filled some of my Koh-I-Noor pens with ink, put on some of my Howard Stern tapes from 1998 and created art. It's a simple image but a huge start for me. To actually be excited about creating art again, what a great feeling!

But the weekend was just part of this fantastic week. Tuesday I went to a drawing class, no instructor. This was about the 3rd time attending this class. There was a model doing various poses.

Wednesday was Drink and Draw. Spoke with a couple of really interesting artist there.

Then there was Thursday. I went and discovered downtown LA Art Walk, thanks to someone name Vanessa who works at the Martin Lawrence Gallery in City Walk. She had mentioned this one time per month event to me a couple of times in the past but I kept missing it.

This month I made it... And all I can say is WOW! Approximately 39 galleries open all night showing all kind of artworks. I've never seen anything like this. The only thing more impressive than the number of galleries taking part in this is the crowd of people. It was one big party of people appreciating art and socializing. And my luck, I was ther
e with two very knowledgeable people on art. Talk about an evening of discovering and learning.

And to wrap up the week, Friday. After work I attended a 4 hour drawing class. 3 models dressed in Hawaiian outfits, with music, and food. I've never gone to a class that went on till midnight. This was a lot of fun.

Hand down this has been the best week
I've had since moving out here to LA. I feel so connected to art right now. This was what I felt was missing for me back in New York. Back there it was an occasional hit and miss. Out here, creativity is everywhere. And I am taking it all in like a sponge.

But if all this incredible exposure to creativity and art wasn't enough to put me in an amazing state of mind, I encountered Susie Wednesday night. A really cute girl who happened to be a fan of Late Night and the Tonight Show. I met her on the way home from Drink and Draw on Sunset Blvd. Some light flirting went on. And while taking a picture together, my butt cheek was squeezed. This cute, hot girl squeezed my butt cheek! She made my night.

I can only wish that everyw
here I went in LA a different girl would come up to me and take a squeeze while we take a picture. What a life that would be. But that fantasy aside, being able to draw every week and be exposed to this much art is just what I needed. And I know there is so much more to to discover here.

I've included some of my drawings from this week and a few from previous weeks.

What a great week!


  1. Beautiful stuff Pierre! So glad your artistic side is flourishing! The dot artwork is amazing. No idea how you do that!

  2. LOL...butt cheek squeeze indeed. *grins*

    Lovely art Pierre!