Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Crappy Out There!

Right now am sitting here at home this morning waiting for conditions to improve or I should say hoping to improve. Overnight it snowed and waking up this morning at 6:30am it is now and icy mix falling. The ground out side looks like a ice skating rink. Not the best condition for driving. I tried driving in this once a year ago and got into a minor accident. I have no desire of repeating that moment in time.

It's frustrating. I really don't like taking time off unless I really have to. But with weather like this, it doesn't really leave you with much choice. Am going to give it a couple of more hours and then if it still looks bad, I have no choice but to call in and stay home.

And if there was ever a period in time that I didn't want to be stuck at home, this is it. So much to get done. Yesterday was an average good work day. We taped two shows. I did have one really crazy encounter with a staff member though. She flew off the handle like one of those crazy homeless people you'd encounter roaming the streets. She just kept going on and on trying to engage me in her craziness but I just didn't say a word and that unfortunately made her even worst.

To tell the truth, it didn't even phase me. Right now am like a guy who knows he's moving on to something better and no longer has to put up with other people insanity. Though I did find out later that she might be one of the people who wasn't asked to go to L.A., it still doesn't excuse the behavior.

All these years we got along fine and now towards the end to start behaving in this manner. Crazy, I call it.

Aside from work, what was on my mind most of the day was the girlfriend, and of course moving.

It's hard to make sense of online listings without actually being able to see what people are renting out. I've seen some really great listings and a few lemons. Plus I can't do anything during the day, at least not yet till Late Night is over on February 20th. Then I'll fly out for a week and really look for a apartment. Come back and move by the end of March.

Not a lot of time to make such a huge transition. I guess in some way this is best cause by then it's going to be a quick break from New York. No long drawn out departure.

Well, it's 9:02 and it still looks crappy outside. But I am going to give it a try. Cross your fingers and wish me luck. At moments like this you wish you had wealth. Then you could just slip right back under the bed covers and say "Fuck It!"



  1. Here I am complaining because it's been 50degrees here in Florida and I'm coooold (yeah..that was me whining) and you are fighting ice and snow. I remember those days in Chicago...standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to take me to school and FREEZING my toes I think I must have had the crappiest boots as my toes were always icey.

    Of course now that I've been living in Florida so long my blood has thinned out and I'm obviously a wimp. *whimpers a bit...and shivers*

    So 50degrees all week for the high is COLD and crappy. *smirk* Just wait til you get to California and stay there a too will get thinner blood and not be able to take the cold. But, think of all the great weather you will be able to experience in California!

    I'm working on my hubby to go to Comicon and maybe L.A. this summer. That would be an awesome trip.

    I hope the weather gets better for you in N.Y. so you can get done what you need to. And, not have to worry about ice on the road. And, I hope you don't have to deal with anymore *mean* people at work.


  2. What's snow? :P

    Sorry. Couldn't resist. But think of it this way, next winter YOU will be the one asking, "What's snow?"

    Yes, come to the dark side, Pierre. Where we enjoy sun, good weather, and NEVER have to drive on snowy streets!

    Trish :)