Monday, February 20, 2017


This week’s portrait, Lynette Davis!

I’ve known Lynette for a few years now. She’s an incredible art model that I’ve worked with on numerous occasions.

When I did this portrait of her about a week ago, I had no idea that the end result would come out the way it did. A few people saw the scribbles and random colors happening at a drawing workshop, but like myself they probably were wondering what I was doing. Honestly, I had no idea other than a feeling what I was doing was right for me, you could say I was possessed by the art process.

Lynette’s portrait took a few days to complete and I am glad I had the good sense to scan the image a few times during the process, just so I could see how I got to this.

This past weekend was the Long Beach Comic Expo and the a second time I was invited to introduce Girl Scouts to life drawing and help them earn their badges. What an amazing time I had. Watching the incredible art pieces that were created in the room was inspiring.

The kids had a very natural process in creating their art, with no hesitation in mixing art materials to complete their work. I saw a lot of what I did in this portrait to what they were doing. I wonder if it’s possible I was channeling their effort from this weekend’s future/ past into my current/ past moment in time?

Getting inspiration from the future and bringing it back into the past?

I also got a chance to meet a handful of Late Night and current Conan fans. And did an interview with a celebrity puppet named, Flick! He does a show called “The Nerd Soapbox”. It was a first, and I enjoyed it! I’ll post the link to the video as soon as it’s up.

I woke up today feeling a bit sick, glad I had the day off. But as a result I am posting this late in the afternoon. I really have to try and stay on top of this. Posting something meaningful every week isn’t easy, but I am enjoying it!

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