Monday, January 16, 2017


This week’s portrait is Leslie Jones!

I wanted to draw someone who represented strength, positivity, and love in my mind. Strength in handling the crazies that attacked her over a movie role. Positivity, as they went low, she didn't go there with them. And the love and compassion she seems to have towards people.

“I take care of everybody. I'm either hugging you or making sure that you're not sick, because my backpack has every kind of medicine in it.” - Leslie Jones

I think as of this writing I might own close to 3000 pens! Different brands, different sizes, and different colors. I’ve found that colors across many of the brands are very similar and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are all manufactured by one company in Taiwan or China.

What is missing among all these pens are earth tones. I really wish someone would make a collection of pens colors that are as varied as a box of Crayola crayons, and NO GLITTER!

Still with the color limitations, I think I did a good job with rendering her image. I had fun with the hair, throwing in other colors.

I hope we see a lot more from Leslie this year. She seems like a good person, a fun person, and she knows how to make people laugh and feel good. Given what the next few years might look like, we probably should clone her.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


This week's portrait is of iconic, legendary, super star, one of my favorite music artist, David Bowie.

Can you believe tomorrow, January 10th, will make it one year since he died!

My very first Bowie albums were, “Changes” and “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders a From Mars”.

I still have my actually albums too. Am glad I never got on board with the idea of trashing LPs for mp3s. There was that one time though, I was attempting to convert my albums into MP3 files, and the Recliner of Rage was born.

The gold colored ink gives it an art nouveau/ deco look. I thought I did a pretty good likeness of him but then someone I knew said she didn't know who it was suppose to be and also claimed not to really know much about his music. The second half of that sounded scary to me. Bowie in my mind is one or was one of the biggest performer in my time so far. The idea that a generation behind me has already forgotten him or doesn't really know much about who he was is really hard to imagine.

That's life I guess. You are only important in the moment and this illusion we call time, will always forget you in the future.

“I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring.” - David Bowie

Monday, January 2, 2017


This week's portrait, the Yellow Submarine.
Contrary to what you might be thinking, the Yellow Submarine was or is a person, or persons, as far as I am concerned.

I can't remember if it was a toy in a cereal box or a graphic from a candy wrapper in which I first saw the submarine. What I do remember is that it looked cool and something about its design felt good. I remember drawing it too, I should search around since a hand full of my childhood drawings still exist.

Growing up I had no clue who the Beatles were. Then again, I had no clue about a lot of things (I think am still very clueless on a lot of thing but I am learning and updating).

In high school I had a friend and fellow student who was a huge Beatles fan, even had his own band, but I never really made the connection then either. It wasn't until college during those visits to the NYU music library that I finally began to make the connection, "The Beatles Yellow Submarine" album. (Thank you Yvette for indirectly introducing me to this world of music by having me wait for you in that Library while you were in class).

Other than just loving the look of the submarine, I decided to use the holes, referred to in the movie, as graphic elements for the meme background, but in this case symbolizing the multiverse. The submarine represents it self as well as us.

In one of those holes lies a place where the music is still playing.

I hope we someday find it.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2016


This week's portrait is Laraine Frid.

I started working on this back in August. The size of these portraits are usually eight and a half, square, which is what you are seeing here. There was an art show at the Art Directors Guild in Los Angeles which I wanted to include it in, but on a larger scale, so I re did it, thirty inches square and I added embedded diamonds, which when they catch the light, give off colorful reflections. I called the piece, “Laraine As A Meme With Diamonds”.

Because of the scale, I used Montana and Molotow acrylic paint markers, despite the color range between the two brands, I ended up mixing my own purple in order to get that reddish tint.

Working on this piece was a pleasure. In my mind, Laraine is extended family.

Lou Reed did a song about someone named Laraine.

“Then we spoke of the movies and verse
And the way an actress held her purse
And the way life at times can get worse,
Then we spoke of Laraine, always back to Lorraine
Ah, she's a wild child, and nobody can get at her
She's a wild child, oh, and nobody can get to her.”
-Wild Child - Lou Reed

I guess a majority of people might know a really great person named, Laraine, worthy of being immortalized in a song or a work of art.

Monday, December 19, 2016

PB Rapper

This week's portrait is Snoop Dogg.
At first I was thinking of using different shades of green, but felt it might make him look more like a Martian or an elf. The dark blue being a mellow color worked best with just a hint of green.

A couple of years ago on Late Night with Conan O’Brien I got to do a comedy bit with Snoop. I was to be an upcoming rapper with a demo tape for him to listen to. Of course it was so bad that in the middle of playing the tape, his bouncer picked me up and carried me out of the room. It was a lot of fun!

About a year later, he played a part in an incident that happened at work. I left a message on an assistant
answering machine, which the writers thought was funny. They got Snoop to read back my message word for word but in the “Snoop Dog” style. It's worth a listen if you can find it somewhere, guarantee to make you laugh.

I've been wanting to do this portrait of him for a while now.  I love his music and this is my way of saying thanks for being cool and real.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


This week's portrait is of Lou Reed.
I've been a fan of his music since my college days. I discovered “Transformer” on cassette while waiting in the NYU music library for someone who was very important to me at the time, she was a music student. So his music in general has a positive and great association in my life.

The last album of his that I bought was “New York”, a very raw look at the city at the time. I wish he was still alive today, I'd love to hear his take on current affairs.

In this illustration I wanted to capture the iconic look of the Transformer album cover but with an older Lou Reed. I probably could have added a few more lines in his face.

I want to end this entry with a quote from one of his songs;

“Avenge yourself he says to me
Avenge yourself for humanity
Avenge yourself for the weak and the poor
Stick it to these guys right through their heads
Well, the fight is my music, the stick is my sword
And you know that I love you, so please don't say a word
Can't you hear the music playing, the anthem, it's my call
And the last I seen of George was him running through the door…”

Words from: “My Friend George”, Lou Reed, 1984

Monday, December 5, 2016


This week's portrait is of artist Diana Leto.

I've known Diana for a few years now, and got to see her earlier this year at Comic Con where I was able to show her in person what I've been up to, in particular, the portrait I did of her. Drawing Diana was fun, especially because of her fiery red hair. Her artwork is amazing. It's well drawn and fun to look at. I am proud to own one of her original pencil drawings which is framed on my wall.

I haven't been dating these pieces, choosing to focus more on creating.

There's a small part of me that wishes I had tried to keep up with posting these once a week though, as I started in the year but somewhere around March my approach to creating my work evolved, I found myself wanting to concentrate more on creating and less on posting.

It's these circles, they are talking to me I don't know how to explain it given I've been doing them for over 20 years with out a single sound from any of them.

And the more I do them, the better I feel, they put me in a trance like state. I find I've been going out a lot less,watching less television, choosing instead to keep creating with my free time even though there's no deadline or some monetary award for them. I just feel the need to keep doing them. I guess as an artist that has to be a great state of mind to be in and I probably shouldn't question and try to self examine too much. Just enjoy the creative process, keep find subjects and people who interest me and incorporated them into this language I am creating on the paper.


Last week (November 28th, 2016) I posted a portrait of the Joker. I had written a blog entry for it which never got posted.  Below is from last week, titled,


I thought by now I'd be coming to the end of my 52 blog portraits project.

Early on the creative process took me in a direction I didn't see coming, my work evolved, and I've been having so much fun doing it that I just didn't make much time to post anything.

But I have been creating portraits, lots of them, celebrities, friends, online strangers, adult entertainers, anyone that I found interesting.

“Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I am an agent of chaos.” –The Joker
The Joker has always fascinated me. He would kill endless number of innocent people and yet Batman would catch him, put him in prison, label him insane, let him live to only escape again and start the madness all over again. It was as if he was given a free pass to inflict as much damage to society as possible with zero repercussions.

Such a character could never exist, right?