Saturday, February 28, 2009

Believe In Me

Wouldn't it be a great world if you could believe in people. Was there ever a time when you could believe in people emotions as being truthful. And if so, what happen. These days I am so tired and stressed that I have developed amazing powers of paranoia. I can see right through people. Yes. I can see bull shit as if it was a turd flowing right out of one's mouth trying to disguise itself as honesty with pretty colors.

All things start out with the best intentions. "Believe In Me", is the battle cry. Too bad it's the one war that doesn't have a positive out come.

Damn, I've gone abstract!


  1. Awww! Pierre....I don't even know what to say to that. I feel badly that things are going crappily at the moment.


    I know it's only a virtual one...but you can do what my mom and I used to do when she was up in Chicago and I was here in Florida.

    She'd say: Wrap your arms around yourself and just SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE...really tight. That's a hug from me to you!

    Yeah...corny but you know what? I'd always feel like I had just gotten a hug from my mom and I'd get a big goofy smile on my face!

    So from me to you:
    Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a BIIIIIIIIG hug. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEZE! There's a hug from me to you!


  2. Um...I didn't clarify...but my mom would say that when we were talking on the phone! LOL

  3. I hate to hear such negativity coming from such a nice and generally happy guy. When you move you will find out who your true friends are. And by that point hopefully life will be a lot less stressful and much more exciting!

    I'll miss our periodic pizza dinners though :(

    Chin up! To heck with all the BS people.

  4. Pierre,

    One thing I love about you is YOU are the person I know I can believe in. You are the real deal. So I guess you can believe in yourself.


    Oh and Jeremy says, "Hi!" He asked how you are doing. He says it's very cool you'll be in L.A.


  5. Pierre,

    Although you’ve earned your cynic’s credentials atop the Recliner of Rage, it's hard to hear you speak in this pessimistic and downright defeatist tone. I don’t pretend to disagree that the human population is dominated by bullshitters, but in my heart of hearts, I feel it’s better to believe in people than to live in perpetual suspicion. I tend to trust the individuals who populate my landscape, sometimes to the point of imbecility. Why don’t I ever learn from my mistakes? Why do I repeatedly listen to the guy who tells me to smell his finger, then whacks me upside the head? Because I don’t think like a bullshitter; I think like a bullshitee. I tend to take people at their word, and that weakness makes me vulnerable to perpetual disappointment.

    After enduring the abandonment of some of your closest friends amidst your recent life transition, I can't blame you for developing a heightened sensitivity to bullshit, but I hope you don't let your skepticism prevent you from experiencing life in the way that you want to experience life. There is still a fair amount of comfort and happiness to be snatched from this infinitely diverting world, and I'd hate to see you squander such moments dwelling on the fraudulence and deception that is inherent to the majority of our population.

    So what if our friends let us down, if the people we work with let us down, if our favorite sci-fi series fails us in the end? Amidst the sham and flummery, you can still accumulate powerful experiences and recycle them as fodder for artistic inspiration. And as a huge fan of your art, I hope that you continue to do so.